We’ve all been there … expected something to turn out a certain way then, when it doesn’t, we’re disappointed.  People, places, things, don’t live up to our expectations; it’s part of life?  Not necessarily.  Happiness is a choice, you can choose to see the proverbial glass half empty or half full, or … you  can accept that it is just a glass, serving it’s purpose by containing something.  A class at The American Meditation Institute offered great insight into this concept.  We’re so busy evaluating if things around us are fulfilling our expectations, life, family, etc.   We don’t  accept them as they are and simply take joy in what they offer just by being, themselves.

One of things that’s really wonderful about the area we live in, is that there are so many phenomenal resources nearby.  Let me begin by saying New York City is only a 2 hour train ride from here, but that’s not all.  There are 5 really great body/mind/spirit centers roughly an hour or  less away:

Their websites alone contain a wealth of information and you don’t even need to leave your house.  If you know of some other undiscovered nearby resources, or if you have something to share about any of these places, please post a comment.  See you next week.


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