So, do you doodle?  I’ll bet you do!  If you’re doodling, you’re doing art.  I didn’t know it until recently, but in school I didn’t take notes, I art journaled my way through.  I found some notes from a junior high history class in which I had not only taken written notes, but had made doodles of the constitution, some revolutionary war battle and such … I remember getting reprimanded by the teacher for not paying attention.  He proceeded to ask me some questions about what we had been discussing and I answered every one perfectly; he didn’t realize that I was paying attention, I was just using BOTH sides of my brain to do it :)  (I did this all through college too, I think it’s why I didn’t have to study as much as others).  I think that journaling gives us insight into ourselves, allowing us to review our past, explore new ideas and guide us on our future journeys.  There are some theories out there suggesting that keeping a journal will help improve memory … it certainly can’t hurt.

I’ve recently discovered Squidoo; it’s pretty cool and has some interesting postings.  I placed a post about creating art journals, since I really think it’s a great way for everyone to add a little art to their life, explore their creativity and express themselves.  I always have several journals around at the same time for various topics … art, jewelry, writing, blogging, etc… of course, sometimes the jewelry journal gets writing stuff in it, or I’ll have a jewelry idea while I’m writing notes in the blog journal (the journals are as mixed up as I am…the psychotherapists will have a field day with them and the writing box, if I’m ever committed :)

My Sketchbook project has to be finished this month (and mailed back to Brooklyn).  I’ll get some new pictures posted on the projects page once I’ve completed the book; it will also be available to view digitally after they receive the book and get it posted to their site.  I’ll also try and do a blog about the aforementioned “writing box” it’s something that everyone needs…like a thneed!  See you next week :)


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