A wonderful friend popped in from out of town; we had a nice evening and a lovely breakfast together.  What we’re eating or doing never really matters, we hardly stop talking.  I absolutely love listening to her, talking to her and always enjoy any moments that we get the opportunity to spend with each other (as I mentioned, she’s from out of town, and we’re both always so busy, that getting quality time can be tough).

Our discussion this morning was in regards to life’s priorities and it got me thinking.  The biggest thing that has led me to where I am right now is that I tend to live life on my own terms.  My parents were always extremely supportive of the choices I made throughout my life and empowered me to say “THIS is what I really want, so this is how I’m going to do it.”
They really instilled my brothers and me with a sense of self and what really matters in life … my Mom used to say that she didn’t understand how she raised three children who cared so little about money.  It’s definitely low on my list of priorities in life … as long as there’s food on the table and a roof over my head, I’m ok.  I also don’t feel defined by my “job”, so if I have to clean, mow lawns or bag groceries to pay the bills it doesn’t bother me in the least; I don’t think that what people do to earn a living should matter in the greater scheme of things (Einstein’s a great example … didn’t finish highschool and had a desk job at the patent office).  However, on the flip side of that, I find what people are willing to do, the lengths they’re willing to go, to attain money and/or fame can be very telling.  I think the biggest thing I learned from my family, the thing that gets me through everything, is gratitude.  I’m grateful for my husband and my family, so that’s my first priority.

It’s important to have priorities in place and understand that all things, all choices, good and bad have led you to where you are.  Change … an integral part of life’s journey.  Generally, when a major change is coming there is a gentle push in the direction that your journey is headed … we either act or do not act (either way, it’s a choice).  Those of you familiar with Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series can certainly understand the concept that in order for things to work out a certain way for the good, there needs to be a compression of strife resulting in only one choice becoming the obvious choice.  I suspect that if you’re getting a gentle nudge and ignoring it that sooner or later things are going to come to a head and instead you’re going to receive a major shove.

We all have to make choices in life and sometimes they can be difficult … you must base your choices on those things that are a priority in your life.  For example, we all need money to live and function in today’s society, but how much we need is a life choice; it’s a choice only you can make.  Sometimes the decisions are clear and easy … other times they’re tough, it’s just the way the trail winds out.  Regardless of how you come to your decisions, be it willingly or shoved, you must live consciously, be aware of the opportunities around you, the skills you possess, and the assets available to you.  By living consciously, we live our lives rather than letting our lives rule us … the quality of the life is wholly dependent on the expectations of the one living it.  I expect joy … and I’m determined to have it come hell or high water :)


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