About Me

About me?  Where to begin … my whole life I’ve been told that I’m unfocused, I prefer to think of myself as experimental :)

My husDonnaband Ed says that I’m a Renaissance woman (translation unfocused?) and our bulldog Woody (short for Woodrow Wilson) doesn’t care, as long as we give him food he gives us unconditional love (a pretty good deal actually).  Ed’s right though, I’m into everything.  I LOVE FOOD, eating, cooking, talking about it, writing about it … it’s definitely a passion.  I’m a designer (of jewelry and interiors) … I also sew, but don’t mistake me for Donna Reed.  I’m a terrible house-keeper, wear jeans, curse and don’t have kids (I’m not the most maternal individual).  I’ve been an artist for as long as I can remember … apparently it’s genetic, my Mom was an artist, one of my brother’s is a graphic artist/designer, and my other brother is a welder who also does incredible artistic metal work for homes, gardens, etc.  My Dad (a trumpet player for a while) started out in architecture and ended up in history …he’s very creative, my brothers & their friends refer to him as MacGyver.  I’m totally into science (earth science, physics, biology, geology, you name it), Brian Greene is brilliant (though not as brilliant as Einstein, just my opinion).  I love science magazines like Discover, American Scientist, Popular Science (and Mechanics is great too), Astronomy Today and Scientific American.  I’m also into metaphysics, yoga, and crystal culture.  Love books and movies, horror, sci-fi and comedy are my genres.  Love SCUBA diving (certified Advanced Open Water, seriously).  I’ll try just about anything once.

At 5 I thought about starting my own religion, my Catholic Dad forbade that, yelling “What the Hell are you thinking of, where do you get these ideas?” … who knows, they just come to me.  God and I have an understanding, I know that He is THE Artist.  That’s how we’re all created in his image;  I believe we’re all artists.  Life is our journeys as artists.  It’s why creation of any kind is such a big deal.

I can hear the dissent of my “we’re all artists” comment from sea to shining sea.  Being an artist is genetic, we all have this drive to create embedded in our DNA.  There’s creativity in nearly everything we do and I think it’s the inability to recognize this that causes people to feel lost and frustrated.  You spend your formative school years being told that you need to make art in a certain way and then you’re compared to everyone else, graded on it and any chance you had at believing in your own artistic potential is squashed.  If you think you aren’t creative, you just haven’t recognized your medium.  Creativity is a God-given right.

I’m into a variety of artistic expression:  cooking, printing, painting, pastel, pottery, sculpting, metal smithing, drawing, music (cornet player, very short lived, my husband is the professional musician in the family), textile, mixed media, collage, drama (the stage kind, not the high-maintenance-chick kind), writing and more that I just can’t even think of right now.  Then there’s the things that I’ve tried that I’m REALLY not good at … crochet, knitting, dancing (someone once told me that dancing with me was like dancing with a telephone pole) and other things that elude me (both in thought and practice :).

Find your medium and express yourself; it isn’t about being good, making money or getting famous.  Art, appreciating it and creating it, is about expression, your chance to give voice to your inner soul.


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